Answers to Your Frequently Asked Subaru Service Questions in Fredericksburg

What is a brake job?

When you schedule a brake job at our Subaru service center in Fredericksburg we’ll start by a complete brake system inspection. From there we’ll replace the brake pads, give you fresh fluid, and change the brake rotors if needed.

How Can I Tell if I Need a New Battery?

While there are several things to look out for, some primary symptoms include frequently requiring a jump-start, or headlights that dim when your air conditioner or window de-froster are used.

Why Does My Car Overheat in Stop & Go Traffic?

While this is a concern, it isn’t cause for panic. If your car overheats in stopped traffic but is fine everywhere else, it is most likely the cooling fan that is at fault.

Why are engine oil changes so important?

Your engine is full of metal parts moving at incredible speeds, many in contact with each other. Engine oil lubricates these parts with a film barrier that prevents direct contact. Old oil becomes too thin to coat, while dirty oil is too thick to get through the small passageways within your engine. The result is extreme and rapid wear that can lead to a complete engine failure.

What is the Difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts?

OEM parts are parts that come straight from Subaru and are made specifically for your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are not designed or produced by Subaru and therefore cannot guarantee the proper fit or performance of your factory parts

What Should I do if my car is overheating?

Pull over and call for a tow truck as soon as possible. Overheating can cause extreme damage to your engine, and even if you feel the issue is minor you should have it serviced to prevent future issues from cropping up.

Why is an Alignment Important?

Your suspension is responsible for keeping your tires in contact with the road and managing the weight and steering of your vehicle. An misaligned suspension is, at best, a recipe for extreme tire wear. It is more likely though, that you will experience vibrations, unpredictable handling, and extended stopping distances as the result of a misaligned suspension.

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