Drive with Confidence with Subaru Brake Service and Maintenance in Fredericksburg

Whether you're a slow and cautious or fast and furious driver, your vehicle will eventually require maintenance to give you its best. When you visit Ultimate Subaru, our trained technicians will give your Subaru model the care it deserves, including a detailed inspection of your critically important braking system.

Stop with Confidence

You may not realize it, but your brakes undergo a lot of stress while you drive. This system turns your forward momentum into heat via friction to slow you down, and this process allows you to come to a complete stop from highway speeds in just a few hundred feet. That involves incredible heat build-up and physical wear, and these parts eventually need to be replaced. Our Subaru-certified technicians can inspect your brake pads, rotors, and calipers to ensure everything is in good condition. And with our catalog of genuine Subaru parts, we'll replace any parts that are too worn with new components that will give you confident stopping power.

Shocks and Struts

Responsible for soaking up the bumps, your shocks and struts help you stay comfortable and provide the excellent handling you need to deftly maneuver your vehicle from place to place. With worn shocks and struts you'll not only experience an uncomfortable ride, but your tires may no longer contact the road properly leading to unpredictable handling.

Oil Changes

Regular oil and filter changes are critical to the long life of your Subaru. Your oil is responsible for lubricating internal engine parts. Without it you have metal on metal contact at thousands of revolutions per minute. This would result in extreme heat, excessive wear, and eventually, a non-functional engine.

Routine Maintenance

While brakes are critical to the safety of your vehicle, there are other components and systems that all have to work in order to provide you with the Subaru experience you know and love.

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